Why Are We Here?

Signals For Change is the passion project of Paul Cheetham, President of Signals Design Group. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Paul began in IT before jumping continents and career paths, moving to North America and becoming a Financial Planner. Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, he once again shook things up, taking the helm at Signals Design Group.

While observing the work that the agency does for numerous Not For Profit organizations, Paul came up with an idea. There are over 20,000 registered charities and non-profit organizations in British Columbia, Canada alone, all trying to get their messages out. Why not utilize the talent and skills of the Signals team to create a podcast space where these NFP’s can tell their stories, talk about the challenges that they face and be recognized for the impactful and important work that they do?

Paul’s modus operandi is to analyse the box. He will measure the angles of the corners, consider whether it could be turned inside out, poke holes through it, bust the lid off and then step outside of it and flip it right over. Community contribution can take so many forms: donation, volunteering, talking about issues with people you know and those that you don’t yet, doing something quietly on your own or with a loud noise in a crowd of hundreds. This podcast is one of Paul’s ways of being involved in tackling the many challenges that we face as a society. If you yourself don’t know where to start, then start right here.

Pick and choose. You don’t have to listen to the episodes sequentially. Listen on the go – while you drive, ride, run, roll or even just wait in the rain. Then consider this: There are 168 hrs in a week. You carve out 50 of those for work/travel or just thinking about work, 56 hrs (8 hrs a day) go to sleeping, 56 hrs to your family and friends. That leaves 6 hrs a week that you could be donating to your community to make all of our lives better. That is only 4% of your time per week.

Our hope is that in these interviews you will find optimism, encouragement and, ultimately, inspiration to take action and participate in your community, giving back where you can and receiving all the personal benefits of knowing that you’ve made a contribution to the world around you.

Thanks for listening!